Bedroom Make Over Project 2 (Before and After Pictures)

Client wanted help in organizing and decorating his bedroom. This make over was done by the client sending me pictures of the room from his home in South Carolina and I came up with the ideas from my home in Maryland.

Once I looked at the pictures, I asked him to get rid of all the clutter and move the dresser from the side of the bed to the opposite wall near the window. I picked out the architectural piece placed on his dresser and the round mirror hanging on the wall and suggested he add two end tables and lamps from thrift shops.
A few weeks later his new comforter arrived and I suggested he add a red blanket across the bottom of the bed for a pop of color. I suggested several stores that he should look for a piece of artwork to place above the bed. Once he found the artwork, he sent a picture to me before purchasing it and I told him it was perfect because it would give the room a masculine look and connect everything in the room visually. This was all done from my home in Maryland by looking at the pictures he sent via email from his home in South Carolina. He was amazed and very happy with the outcome and grateful for the ideas that saved him money!

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