Living Room Make Over Project 1 (Before and After Pictures)

Updated a client’s living room. I asked what is her style and how did she want to use this space. We continued to discuss what could go and then I pointed out to her the pieces I wanted to keep to add back in the room. She happily agreed and was amazed that I could and wanted to use some of her pieces. Why not, they have good bones and would fit perfectly with the new design. The good news is, because I used some of her pieces, she didn’t have to spend her entire budget to update this room!
Client had the walls painted gray with white trim. Purchased a Gray sofa and accent pillows. Replaced the picture behind the sofa with a round mirror to soften the square edges in the room (coffee table and end tables) and added architectural pieces around the mirror to give the wall some interest and dimension. Used the client’s trunk as a side table along with a different side table on the opposite end of the sofa to give the room a unique look. Purchased a new lamp with a glass base to keep an airy look in the corner with the brass trunk since it already added heaviness to that area. Also added some of the client’s accessories she already had and purchased some architectural pieces to accessorize both side tables. Used the client’s Asian inspired wooden coffee table to add warmth and another texture. I accessorized the coffee table with different textures, architectural pieces, beautiful coffee table books and added the color blue with the painted candle holders to connect with the blue around the room.. Client did not want to cover a big portion of her hardwood floor so I added a rug with gray/blue tones to put under the coffee table to ground the room.
Purchased a side chair to become the accent color of the room which connects to the pillows on the sofa. Added a side table near chair and used client’s vase and added the twigs and palms client already had . Used the client’s floor lamp near the sofa and changed out the shade to give it a different look. Client already had the bluish green vase I placed on the side table near sofa and I added the two leaves to add another texture to that corner.
This room feels so airy and inviting. Using the different textures around the room adds a lot of interest and making sure everything connects visually. I love looking around the client’s home and finding things that they already have that I can use. My motto is use what you have and use your budget to buy only what you need to complete the room. Home Design on a Budget!

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